Driving Sustainability: CBG's Commitment to Climate Action 1,5 °C 

CBG is proud to announce its signing of the Paris Climate Agreement. This commitment aims to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Thus, we commit to minimise our impact on the environment and to actively participate in global climate stability efforts. This goes beyond words: we are taking tangible actions to reduce our environmental footprint and promote a sustainable future.

We have started a fruitful collaboration with Route 2030, a renowned third-party organization specializing in strategic sustainability advisory. Through their guidance, CBG is poised to navigate the complexities of sustainability with clarity and purpose. Through internal ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) trainings, we equip our team with practical knowledge and tools. We then use these to set and implement concrete goals that are in line with the European Union's ambitious targets.

We extend our best wishes to all fellow organizations embarking on similar journeys towards sustainability. Together, let's embrace the European aspirations and work hand in hand towards a more environmentally conscious and prosperous tomorrow.