About CBG


Charlier-Brabo Group S.A. – a.k.a. CBG –, is a dynamic family-owned company specialising in the sourcing, development, sales and marketing of a wide range of food products.


Its history goes back to 1945. It began with a number of companies that founder Georges Charlier later merged into the current group. Raymond Charlier, managing director and nephew of the founder, took over S.A. Bisschops-Verachter in 2012 and united their activities with CBG.

CBG in 2024

Over the years, we developed into a fully-fledged commercial and logistics operation. The Group’s turnover currently stands at 75 million euros. An enthusiastic team of 70 employees operates in the following departments:


  • Sales and marketing
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Purchase
  • Finance
  • Administration
  • IT

A 20,000 m² 'House of Good Food'

Our home base is in Aartselaar, strategically chosen between Brussels and Antwerp. With modern offices and warehouses spread over 20,000 square metres, we are committed to our partners every day.


To take our services to the next level, we have invested significantly in the equipment of our warehouse over the years. With more than 12,000 pallet spaces, separate areas for bulk stacking and refrigerated areas, we strive for maximum efficiency and professionalism.


In-house handling of your specific requirements

Thanks to specialised machinery, we solve many of your packaging needs in our own premises. For example, we handle all promotional packaging and repackaging ourselves. Even industrial packaging with heavy weights is no problem for us. Our motivated team uses advanced technology to move everything effortlessly.


We also have our own fleet of vehicles to provide flexibility and speed in our work processes. These in-house facilities ensure smooth logistics, which ultimately benefits you as a customer.

Our vision

For almost 80 years, CBG has been making its mark on the food sector. As a company, we have always created our own path. In a constantly changing economic landscape, we have learned to always follow our intuition. Even in uncertain conditions that have their impact globally.

It is in that flexibility and adaptability that our greatest strength lies. We extend that vision to our employees, our own brands and our valued partners. It has made us what we are today: a strong and reliable player in the FMCG sector.

To this day, we experience the joy of entrepreneurship every day. And we already have an ambitious plan for tomorrow as well. With a clear perspective on the future and an eye for opportunities, we continue to build on our passion: helping your business grow.